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Planning for Retirement Income

You've probably thought through how you would like to spend your time in retirement, but have you thought through how long you might live and how much income you will need to retire?  After crunching some numbers you may quickly find that Social Security will not account for much of your needed income in your golden years.  Having a retirement strategy that gives you an income stream that you can’t outlive is important.  A retirement strategy can help you maintain your lifestyle and help insure that you have enough income.  Learn how to create a well thought through retirement strategy with the help of a professional, it can result in significantly higher income and help make your retirement years much more enjoyable.  

About Crown Atlantic

Crown Atlantic Insurance is focused on improving your quality of life in retirement.  Helping you achieve your retirement goals requires a review of your overall financial picture and a full understanding of your personal finances, risks tolerance, assets and liabilities.  With this information we can recommend appropriate insurance products to help you mitigate the risks that come with growing older, and recommend retirement strategies that can provide a lifelong income.  Crown Atlantic can help you control what may be your biggest expense in retirement, the cost of health care, with a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.  Through our Life Insurance solutions we can  help you protect your family’s financial future and our retirement strategies focus on protection of principal and lifetime income.  

Seen on Newsmax TV

Here at Crown Atlantic, an insurance agency licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, our mission has been to offer sound choices for those seeking to increase the income generated by their retirement nest egg. Crown Atlantic can help you find retirement solutions that guarantee* and protect your income and minimize your market risk. The TV special “Discover the ‘Money for Life’ Contract,” reviews the financial crunch being experienced by many of today’s retirees, and discusses some real-world solutions for these challenges.